The Result of Best Caption Prize for the 16th contest

The number of submitted captions: 88
応募キャプション数: 88

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Best Caption Prize / ベストキャプション賞:


No-16-13 Daisetsuzan National Park [Hopkkaido]
I could swear I left that GoPro over here somewhere.
Elise Histed



Iwachuu Prize/岩鋳賞:


No-16-15 Kinosaki Onsen [Hyogo]
“Koi” to iu kara kita n da yo.



Nagae Prize/ナガエ賞:

No-15-16 Toyosu [Tokyo]
Ancient advice: take a place in the queue first, ask what’s in the end of it later.
Irene Melnikova



Maruyama Tea Products Corporation/丸山製茶賞:


No-16-04 [Okayama]
Robotsan, did you drink too much sake again?
Reyneth Jane Roble