No-24-19 Nijo Castle [Kyoto]

Blooming cherry and full moon together over the Seiryu-en Garden
(今晩は、つき あって いいですね)

Polish / Female / Name: Zaneta


Please write your own humorous or unique captions for the nominated photos in the comment box below in English or Glomaji (phonetic alphabetical Japanese) or both.

[Visitors’ Caption Prize]
A 3,000 yen prize for the best caption is offered for each contest and a 2,000 yen prize will be presented to the person who took the photo. Anyone can apply in English or Japanese (or in both), Japanese participants are also welcomed. Corporate prizes are also offered.
各コンテストのベストキャプションには3,000円を贈呈します。また、その写真を撮った人には、2,000円がプレセントされます。誰でも英語か日本語 (または両方) で応募できます。日本人の参加も歓迎です。企業賞もあります。

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