Calling for Your Japan Themed Photographs!
「I Love Japan」をテーマにした写真を募集!

The 29th contest / 第29回

  • Application Accepted / 応募期間: August 26 – September 25
  • Announcement of Results / 結果発表:
    Nominated photos / ノミネート写真: September 26
    Prize winning photos/ 受賞写真: October 25

*It will be announced in Photo applicants will also be informed by email. Prize winning photos will be published in Hiragana Times magazine.
結果はで、また、写真応募者にはメールでも知らせします。受賞写真はHiragana Times誌面に掲載します。

Photo Application Form

Prize / 賞金:

  • Gold Prize / 金賞: 5,000 yen
  • Silver Prize / 銀賞: 3,000 yen
  • Bronze Prize / 銅賞: 2,000 yen

*Below prizes are not regular prizes / 下記は該当しない場合もあります。

  • Special Prize / 特別賞: 1,000 yen

*Prizes will be sent by PayPal / 賞金はペイパル(PayPal)にてお送りします。

Corporate Prizes / 企業賞

Corporate Prizes: Companies offering the products below as prizes will select a winning shot from among the nominated photos. One person might even win more than one prize.

DUAL HANKO Prize/デュアル・ハンコ 賞

DUAL HANKO/デュアル・ハンコ

A 16.5-millimeter-wide hanko to be given to the winners of the Photo Contest and the Visitors’ Caption Prize

“Hanko” stamps used by Japanese people in place of a signature are a popular souvenir with foreign visitors. Typical hanko only have two to five Japanese characters inscribed on them, whereas this hanko allows for more characters in letters from the Roman alphabet. A 16.5-millimeter-wide hanko goes for 3,000 yen, whereas an 18-millimeter-wide hanko costs 3,500 yen. The hanko comes with a lid and a pouch.

Fukusuke Prize/福助賞

Fukuske Pattern Japanese Towel /福助柄手ぬぐい

Set of two to be given to the winners of the Photo Contest and the Visitors’ Caption Prize
2 枚セットをフォトコンテスト受賞者、

A Japanese towel covered with a design of “Fukuske” dolls – a likeness created by Fukuske Co., Ltd. Craftsmen dye both the front and back by hand using a unique traditional technique called “chuusen.” Repeated use of this sturdy yet thin material makes it soft to the touch. The fabric is 100 % cotton. It measures 34 x 48 centimeters. There are a total of six different designs available. Cost: 1,000 yen.
福助株式会社のイメージキャラクターである「福助」人形が全面にデザインされた手ぬぐい。「注染」という日本独自の伝統技法で、職人の手によって裏表両面が染めてある。薄い生地だが丈夫で、使うほどやわらかくなり手になじむ。綿100%。サイズは34 × 48 センチ。全6 種。1,000 円。



Postcards of Stunning Views in Japan /日本の絶景ポストカード

Autumn set to be given to the winner of the Photo Contest.
秋のセットをフォトコンテスト受賞者1 名様へ。

These are postcards of superb views in Japan. They come with a map marking
where each photo was taken with the names written in English. Detailed explanations
are written in Japanese and English. The cards are printed on “snow field,”
which is a kind of glossy paper. Sixteen postcards for each of the four seasons are
sold for 2,400 yen. A “Stunning Views of the World Series” is also available.
日本の美しい風景のポストカード。ワンポイントで記された地図は撮影された都道府県を示し、英語で地名が載っている。詳しい紹介文は日本語と英語で書かれている。「スノーフィールド」というきらきらと光る紙にプリントされている。春、夏、秋、冬、各16 枚入り、2,400 円。「世界の絶景ポストカード」シリーズもある。

Photo Application Form