The 6th Contest Results / 第6回フォトコンテスト結果

Photos submitted / 応募写真数: 132
Nominated photos / ノミネート数: 20

Countries and regions submitted / 応募者の国・地域:34
Albania, Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Peru, Poland, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, USA, Vietnam.

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s-gold Gold Prize / 金賞


Name: Yui Sasaki Diaz (Japanese Female)
Location: Kaiyukan [Osaka]
Caption: My first kiss with Napoleon.

s-silver Silver Prize / 銀賞


Name: Jason Daly (New Zealander Male)
Location: Odaiba [Tokyo]
Caption: Three “Trojan horses” on the horizon.

s-bronze Bronze Prize / 銅賞


Name: 紅露雅之 (Japanese Male)
Location: Sapporo [Hokkaido]
Caption: (Street camera duel)

Corporate Prizes / 企業賞

s-corporateMaruyama Tea Products Prize / 丸山製茶賞


Name: arneda (Albanian Female)
Location: [Albania]
Caption: Both geisha and Sailor Moon are a part of Japanese culture.

s-corporateWACCA JAPAN Prize / WACCA JAPAN賞 


Name: Tobias Danz (German Male)
Location: [Nara]
Caption: Nara Deer during Sakura

s-corporateAn Introduction to Ukiyo-e Prize / ようこそ浮世絵賞


Name: Andrea (Italian Female)
Location: Tokyo Midtown [Tokyo]
Caption: (GODZILLA Returns)

Special Prize / 特別賞

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0293Name: Gerardo Pineda (Honduras Male)
Location: Chiba City [Chiba]
Caption: Chiba Monorail entrance



Name: Stephanie (Chinese Female)
Location: Osaka Castle [Osaka]
Caption: Panoramatic picture of Osaka Castle