The 26th Contest Results / 第26回フォトコンテスト結果

Photos submitted / 応募写真数: 153
Nominated photos / ノミネート数: 20

Countries and regions submitted / 応募者の国・地域:61
Albania, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodian, Cameroon, Canada, China, Columbia, Croatia, Czech, Denmark, Egypt, France, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Laos, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, Turkey, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam.

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s-gold Gold Prize / 金賞

Name: Naufal Suryanto (Indonesian male)
Location: [Osaka]
Caption: The Happy Lion
(たんす ダンス)

s-silver Silver Prize / 銀賞

Name: Jens (German male)
Location: Takeda [Hyogo]
Caption: “Where was that pond again?!”

s-bronze Bronze Prize / 銅賞

Name: Teoh Tek Eng (Malaysian male)
Location: Kuju Flower Park [Oita]
Caption: Floral mosaic

Corporate Prizes / 企業賞

s-corporateDUAL HANKO Prize / デュアル・ハンコ賞

Name: Karen (American female)
Location: [Osaka]
Caption: Squid on stick anyone?

s-corporateIsshindo Honpo Prize / 一心堂本舗賞

Name: I Wayan Sumardika (Indonesian male)
Location: Korakuen [Okayama]
Caption: Tea picking ceremony

s-corporateTatebanko Prize / たてばんこ賞

Name: Kong LeangKim (Cambodian female)
Location: [Fukuoka]
Caption: Even though Japan is the most technologically advanced country in the world, you will always find a place like this.


Special Prize / 特別賞

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Name: Mei Ling Chiam (Malaysian female)
Location: [Tokushima]
Caption: “I don’t think they can see me here.”




Name: Kazuko (Japanese female)
Location: [Kyoto]
Caption: (I’m not a terrorist)