The 1st Contest Results / 第1回フォトコンテスト結果

Photos submitted / 応募写真数: 133
Nominated photos / ノミネート数: 37

Countries and regions submitted / 応募者の国・地域:22
Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, UK, USA.

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s-gold Gold Prize / 金賞



Name: Jiawen (Singaporean Male)
Location: Nara Park [Nara]
Caption: You Are So Deer To Me

s-silver Silver Prize / 銀賞



Name: Cathy Chan (Hong Kong Female)
Location: Jigokudani [Nagano]
Caption: Training for the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo!

s-bronze Bronze Prize / 銅賞



Name: Yui Sasaki Diaz (Japanese Female)
Location: Awajishima [Hyogo]
Caption: This is how to create a bridge.

Special Prize / 特別賞

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1-special1Name: Lindsey Makelvy (American Female)
Location: Tobe Zoo, Matsuyama [Ehime]
Caption: That’s how my face would look too if a lion was cuddling with me.


1-special2Name: Danielle Compono (American Female)
Location: Tokyo Tower [Tokyo]
Caption: The tower looks ablaze! [Lit up and in the background as the sun goes down].


1-special3Name: Yumeina (Indonesian Female)
Location: Tokyo Skytree [Tokyo]
Caption: I could reach the top of Skytree.


1-special4Name: Pao Okada (Argentina Female)
Location: Sasamatsuri [Ehime]
Caption: Making my Tanabata wish?
(私の願いを聞いてね [七夕まつり])


1-special5Name: Claudia Caroli (Italian Female)
Location: Shukkei-en [Hiroshima]
Caption: A garden full of flowers… and umbrellas!
(あの? ここは傘の展示場ですか)