The 19th Contest Results / 第19回フォトコンテスト結果

Photos submitted / 応募写真数: 166
Nominated photos / ノミネート数: 20

Countries and regions submitted / 応募者の国・地域:55
Albania, Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, Columbia, Czech, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Laos, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, Turkey, USA, Venezuela, Vietnam.

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s-gold Gold Prize / 金賞

Name: 紅露雅之 (Japanese male)
Location: [Hokkaido]
Caption: (A frog by the side of a bubbling hot spring jet.)

s-silver Silver Prize / 銀賞

Name: Timothy Marrie(Australian male)
Location: Kiyomizudera [Kyoto]
Caption: Old traditions meet new technology.

s-bronze Bronze Prize / 銅賞

Name: Jens (German male)
Location: Takeda [Kyoto]
Caption: BLESS-IN(G)

Corporate Prizes / 企業賞

s-corporateAsobiya Prize/あそ美や賞

Name: Magdalene (American female)
Location: [Wakayama]
Caption: Hello, kitties.

s-corporateTakara Tomy Arts Prize/タカラトミーアーツ賞

Name: Cris Sensei (Filipino Female)
Location: Meiji Shrine [Tokyo]
Caption: For a moment, I thought, “Can I drink all of them?”!

s-corporateIsshindo Hompo Prize/一心堂本舗賞

Name: Roxane Fréché (Belgium female)
Location: Hakone [Kanagawa]
Caption: Torii.

Special Prize / 特別賞

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Name: Tran Binh Min (Vietnamese male)
Location: Beppu [Oita]
Caption: Stairway to heaven


Name: Lars (German Male)
Location: Shirahama [Wakayama]
Caption: Japanese romanticism.