The 7th Contest Corporate Prizes / 企業賞

Corporate Prizes: Companies offering the products below as prizes will select a winning shot from among the nominated photos. One person might even win more than one prize.

kigyo7-1Musashino Uniform Prize / 武蔵野ユニフォーム賞

Samurai Tabi / サムライ足袋

Worn with traditional Japanese clothes, such as kimono, tabi is a kind of footwear that separates the big toe out from the other toes. These are individually handmade by craftsmen for a perfect fit. Made of high-quality cotton, they are durable. Although the most common colors are white and black, Samurai Tabi offers pairs in five traditional patterns. Price: 39.90 USD each. If purchased in Japan, the price is 2,700 yen.

The winner of the Photo Contest and the winner of the Visitors’ Caption award will be given a pair of these Tabi. Prize winners can choose a pattern and size.

kigyo7-2100percent Prize/100percent賞

Peti Peto Tsuru (Crane)/プッチペット ツル

This cloth can be used to wipe away smears from glasses and liquid crystal displays (LCD). It can be turned into an origami crane. After opening it out for use, it naturally returns to its original shape when thrown up into the air a few times as you would when playing with a paper balloon. Since it is thin, it can be carried around in a glasses case or stored between the screen and the keyboard of a laptop. Mt. Fuji, Penguin, and Goose designs are available. Size: 20 centimeters x 20 centimeters (when laid out flat). Price: 1,600 yen each.

A prize of one red crane will be given to the winner of the Photo Contest and a prize of one white crane to the prize winner of the Visitors’ Caption Contest.

kigyo7-3Totem Japan Prize / トーテム日本公演事務局賞

Totem Face Pack/トーテム フェイスパック

The “Daihatsu Totem” show will run from February 3 to April 10, 2016 at the Odaiba Big Top (Tokyo). This is to be the latest performance by the circus entertainment company, “Cirque du Soleil” in Japan. The theme of the show is the development of human evolution; from the past, to the present, and into the future. Admission: 13,500 to 6,500 yen for adults.
「ダイハツ トーテム」が2016年2月3日~4月10日までお台場ビッグトップ(東京)にて開催される。これはサーカス・エンターテイメント「シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ」の日本公演最新作。過去と現在、未来で繰り広げられる人類の進化がテーマ。料金:大人13,500~6,500円。

Winners of the Photo Contest and Visitors’ Caption Prize will each receive one set of “Totem Face Pack” (Frog and Hoop Dancer)
「トーテム フェイスパック」1セット(カエルとフープ・ダンサー)をフォトコンテストとビジターズキャプション賞、各1名様へ。

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