The 26th Contest Corporate Prizes / 企業賞

Corporate Prizes: Companies offering the products below as prizes will select a winning shot from among the nominated photos. One person might even win more than one prize.

DUAL HANKO Prize/デュアル・ハンコ賞

DUAL HANKO/デュアル・ハンコ

A 16.5-millimeter-wide hanko given to the Winners of the Photo Contest
and the Visitors’ Caption Prize

“Hanko” stamps used by Japanese people in place of a signature are a popular souvenir with foreign visitors. Typical hanko only have two to five Japanese characters inscribed on them, whereas this hanko allows for more characters in letters from the Roman alphabet. A 16.5-millimeter-wide hanko goes for 3,000 yen, whereas an 18-millimeter-wide hanko costs 3,500 yen. The hanko comes with a lid and a pouch.


Isshindo Honpo Prize/一心堂本舗賞

Hand Cream Set, March Comes in Like a Lion/3月のライオン ハンドクリームセット

To be given to the winner of the Photo Contest
and the winner of the Visitors’ Caption Prize.

Although the popular manga and anime “March Comes in Like a Lion” is about Japanese chess, it is especially popular among women. This hand cream is inspired by the three sisters in the story. Each version has a fragrance of sweets or flowers and is easily absorbed without leaving any sticky residue. The product contains extract of yogurt, honey, and hyaluronic acid. The set contains three 50-gram tubes. Each set costs 2,700 yen including tax.


Tatebanko Prize/たてばんこ賞

Tatebanko Paper Diorama Set/立版古ペーパージオラマキット

A set of three will be awarded to the winner of the Photo Contest and the “Hokusai Fugaku 36-kei Kanagawa Oki Nami Ura” will be awarded to the winner of the Visitors’ Caption Prize; one prize apiece
3種類1セットをフォトコンテスト受賞者、「北斎 冨嶽三十六景 神奈川沖浪裏」をビジターズキャプション賞受賞者、各1名様へ。

A paper diorama that looks three-dimensional. Cut out the parts and glue them together to make a three-dimensional ukiyoe print. There are three artworks available: Hokusai “36 Scenes of Mt. Fuji” The Great Wave of Kanagawa, Hiroshige “53 Stations of Tokaido” Kambara, Evening Snow, and one with Hokusai “36 Scenes of Mt. Fuji” (A side) South Wind, Clear Dawn (aka Red Fuji), (B side) Summer Showers beneath the Summit. Explanatory notes are available in both Japanese and English. When assembled it measures 18.5 width x 19 depth x 12.4 height centimeters. Red Fuji has a depth of 12.5 centimeters. 800 yen each.
立体的に見える紙のジオラマ。パーツを切って貼り合わせると立体的な浮世絵になる。「北斎 冨嶽三十六景 神奈川沖浪裏」「広重 東海道五十三次 蒲原 夜の雪」「北斎 冨嶽三十六景(表)凱風快晴“赤富士”(裏)山下白雨」の3種類。説明は日英バイリンガル。完成サイズは幅18.5×奥行19×高さ12.4センチ。赤富士のみ奥行は12.5センチ。各800円。

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