The 24th Contest Corporate Prizes / 企業賞

Corporate Prizes: Companies offering the products below as prizes will select a winning shot from among the nominated photos. One person might even win more than one prize.

Isumu Prize/イスム賞

TanaCOCORO (Palm-sized Buddha) Fudoumyouou
TanaCOCORO [ 掌 ] 不動明王

To be awarded to one of our Photo Contest Prize Winners

This figurine is made in the likeness of Fudoumyouou (Acala), a statue of the Buddha that has been designated as an Important Cultural Property. Affectionately known as “Ofudou san,” Fudoumyouou (the immovable) is said to have a strong desire to save sinners and this determination is reflected in his fierce expression. Alongside being the god of domestic peace and prosperity, he is the protector of the year of rooster, which is the Chinese astrological sign for 2017. Height 17.5 centimeters x width 8.3 centimeters x depth 7 centimeters. Price: 23,000 yen. Goes on sale on February 15.


DUAL HANKO Prize/デュアル・ハンコ賞

DUAL HANKO/デュアル・ハンコ

A 16.5-millimeter-wide hanko given to the Winners of the Photo Contest
and the Visitors’ Caption Prize

“Hanko” stamps used by Japanese people in place of a signature are a popular souvenir with foreign visitors. Typical hanko only have two to five Japanese characters inscribed on them, whereas this hanko allows for more characters in letters from the Roman alphabet. A 16.5-millimeter-wide hanko goes for 3,000 yen, whereas an 18-millimeter-wide hanko costs 3,500 yen. The hanko comes with a lid and a pouch.


Isshindo Hompo Prize/一心堂本舗賞

Shogi de Chocolat/将棋 デ ショコラ

Given to the winner of the Photo Contest and the winner of the Visitors’ Caption Prize.

These shogi pieces are made of chocolate. Each is the same size as a real shogi piece and a set comprises of eight different pieces: king, rook, bishop, gold general, silver general, knight, lance, and pawn. Made from Ghanaian cacao beans, the finished product has a delicious smell and is not too sweet. Each box contains a leaflet that explains the history and rules of shogi in Japanese and English. Endorsed by the Japan Shogi Association. Priced: 1,400 yen (including tax).

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