The 22th Contest Corporate Prizes / 企業賞

Corporate Prizes: Companies offering the products below as prizes will select a winning shot from among the nominated photos. One person might even win more than one prize.

Felissimo Prize/フェリシモ賞

Cat-shaped Amulet Case/おニャ守りケース

A set comprising of one gray, one black, and one light-brown colored case will be awarded to the winner
of the Photo Contest and the winner of the Visitors’ Caption Prize

This is a case for keeping and carrying around lucky amulets. All you need to do is place the amulet inside the mesh pocket on the cat’s tummy. It can either be used as a decorative item or be carried around in a bag. It’s possible to snap the cat’s paws together so that it looks like it’s praying with you. It can hold amulets up to five centimeters wide to eight centimeters long. There are six colors available, including gray, black, and light-brown. Each one costs 1,700 yen.

Kawada Prize/カワダ賞

Nanoblock Japanese Festival Car (Edo Type)/ナノブロック 江戸型山車

Given to the winner of the Photo Contest and the winner of the Visitors’ Caption Prize.

Part of the “Nanoblock: Spectacle Series” this model recreates the feeling of travel in your living room. It’s a reproduction of a dashi festival float – an essential item for a Japanese festival. Nanoblocks are half the size of regular plastic bricks. It was decided that Japan’s yatai festivals – which feature these floats – would be registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in November. Comes with instructions on how to assemble it (in Japanese). 260 pieces. 1,850 yen.

Interprise Award/インタープライズ賞

Bottle Scarf/ボトルスカーフ

One scarf will be given to the winner of the Photo Contest

This furoshiki (wrapping cloth) is a stylish accessory for wine, champagne, or sake bottles. Printed with Japanese-style patterns, they are perfect for 750 milliliter bottles. Because it’s lined with a material that keeps things cool, it’s useful for transporting chilled bottles. Ribbons attached to the upper part can be used as a handle. There are seven main styles and within the synthetic leather range there are also seven types. Price: 2,900 yen

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