The 20th Contest Corporate Prizes / 企業賞

Corporate Prizes: Companies offering the products below as prizes will select a winning shot from among the nominated photos. One person might even win more than one prize.

kigyo20-1Isumu Prize/イスム賞

TanaCOCORO (Palm-sized Buddha) Goko Shiyui Amida
TanaCOCORO [掌 ]五劫思惟阿弥陀

One set to the winner of the Photo Contest Prize

This is a figurine of “Goko Shiyui Amida Nyorai,” a statue of the Buddha that is known as “afro Buddha.” Goko means “a very long time.” The long coiled hairstyle is indicative of the incredibly long time Amida Nyorai spent contemplating Nirvana. Although the figure fits in the palm, it’s an accurate, detailed reproduction. It measures 11.5 centimeters high, 6.9 centimeters wide and 6.9 centimeters deep. The price is 13,000 yen.

kigyo20-2Tosho Insatsu Dohosha Prize/図書印刷同朋舎賞

Notebooks with a Japanese-style binding ~HAPPY ANIMALS~

A set of four notebooks each to the winners of the Photo Contest
and the Visitors’ Caption Prize.

This new series of notebooks have a traditional Japanese binding. With the Japanese style of binding, sheets of paper folded down the center are bound together with thread. Both the design of the covers – which feature creatures considered to be auspicious in Japan – and the paper used have a modern look. Four versions are available: owl, swallow, fox and shrimp. B6 size (18.2 x 12.8 centimeters), 64 pages. Priced 890 yen each.

Beverly Prize/ビバリー賞

Sushi Jigsaw Puzzle/鮨ジグソーパズル

A 1,000-piece puzzle for the winner of the Photo Contest
and a 150-piece puzzle for the winner of the Visitors’ Caption Prize

These jigsaw puzzles feature rows and rows of freshly-made sushi. The name of each kind of sushi is written in Japanese script with a phonetic reading in the Roman alphabet as well as an English translation. As the pieces are larger than those in an average jigsaw, the 150-piece version measures 38 x 26 centimeters when complete. Price: 1,800 yen. The 1,000-piece model measures 72 x 49 centimeters when finished. Price: 3,000 yen.

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